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  • holcomb_marc holcomb_marc Mar 10, 2011 10:47 AM Flag

    It's clear that investors are petrified

    You have more nerve than common sense! I would not put another dime in this until there is a explanation for the inordinate amount of high volume unexplained selling! This
    should not have taken this kind of a beating solely on what was reported! There must be more to it than is transparent
    as it seems there is a wholesale flight out of this equity.

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    • I understand your point and I may be wrong. But it takes nerve to make money. It is not easy going against the tide, but that is where the money is....

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      • I just pulled money out of some of my other stocks so I could buy into this one at such a low price. After looking at the financial statements, there should be absolutely no reason for this stocks price not to shoot up when the market finally corrects.

      • Each to his own, all have their own risk tolerance level and
        their individual respect for capital! There is no doubt
        buying at these levels, selling at $4 is going to be a lot
        easier and sooner than selling at $5 but this stock has come off 33% in the blink of a eye (about 3 days) over a slight
        decrease in expected profit margin, no, in my view this significant drop warrants more concern! What is under the next rock? Are there more worts than have been disclosed?
        A very good way to make money is not to buy on hope but
        to buy on common sense ie when the stock is moving up for a REASON and not on hope!!!

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