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  • connor.jin connor.jin Mar 24, 2011 11:01 AM Flag

    Look like an overreraction to news from bad apples

    Some companies like CIL/NIV could not release their earning, and got halted. CNIT took a hit too. Investors will realize there is no problem with CNIT, as their earning was released and signed in 10K. CNIT has book value of $4 and 3 P/E.

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    • Ebb tide lowers all ships in the harbor. We are experiencing that now, but the tide will turn. CNIT is not about to declare bankruptsy, they are profitable, do much business with the government, and we know what happens to those who try to fool the Dragon.

    • Credibility in small Chinese issues will never be the same
      after the discovery and apparent overstated of business and earnings of the recent few. It would not surprise me that many of these issues ever realize the stock price relative
      to their P/E's. A P/E of 5 or less will likely never garner the attention it once did with small chinese stocks simply
      because of the scams that have been uncovered.

    • I'll tell ya though...if somehow the "all clear" comes through for this stock, it's gonna take off like a rocket.

    • I just checked in here coming back from a meeting....nice welcome da.ned!
      Do you have a clue where the volume was coming from? Anybody watched Level II? Signs of naked shorting?
      Good to add some here?

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      • I would not add any here until this thing shows a strong upward trend on reaffirmation from the company. There is to
        much uncertainty in chinese small stocks. Why play with fire when there is so many promising biotech and smaller US stocks on sale? Buying these kinds of stocks enmasse is a sure
        recipe for financial disaster! Spread your money even if it small across at least 5 unrelated stocks in totally different industries and DO NOT rely on these boards for
        stock picking advice!!!!

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