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  • cpa38 cpa38 Jun 5, 2003 4:33 PM Flag

    Good presentation

    Not only that. It gets worse. The bonus plans at RHT didn't used to be so lucrative. The CEO indicated on the last conference call that he had received so many comments from analysts and institutional investors about their fat options plan, that he had to start paying nice bonuses in order to keep and attract people.

    Can you believe that utter BS ?

    Institutional investors communicate to Richard that he's issued 2x to 3x more options than normal to his employees. That has a dilutive effect on the shares. It supresses the stock price. He needs to address this.

    Richard's respone - well then, I need to hold options constant and start paying big bonuses too !

    When I heard Richard address this issue in the last conference call, my immediate thought was that man is clueless. He just stuck a stake through the heart of the stock price. He is just absolutely clueless.

    A previous person who posted got it right. Forget owning the stock, find out how to become an executive at RHT. Big options. Big bonus. Screw the shareholders. I got mine. That's RHT. That's why this stock has no future.

    If nice bonuses are going to be paid on profits, then the stock options need to be reduced to 5% of shares outstanding. Any action less than that is a slap in the face to the shareholders of RHT.

    Wake up Richard. Quit screwing your shareholders. Take the company private, or sell it.

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