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  • yoyomrkt yoyomrkt Nov 4, 2011 7:41 AM Flag

    RHT - massively overvalued

    your opinion may be true, but it is not shared by the insiders.

    check the 30+% insider selling in the last 6 months. This fact has me worried.

    Overly bullish A-holes also worry me.

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    • again - you pump a lot of crap but do not seem to think much.

      Most of the people you describe as insiders selling get regular options - their selling, when analyzed over many years often occurs at, or near local minima. If they were selling because of a lack of faith in the company, rather than to do for themselves exactly what I want them doing for the company - minimizing their financial risks with well diversified portfolios.

      As their options mature I would fully expect them to sell off their new stock and invest it in other market sectors. In fact, since the growth of the company is being very well managed, rather than being run like ENRON, we are seeing exactly what we should see. Execs and board members sell assets they know will appreciate more slowly than other sectors of the economy - though it will outperform any other sector over the next 5-10 years, and invest some of their assets in sectors with higher return rates.

      I am guessing living in your mom's basement is getting old. I'd recommend that you dump the day trader image and get a job serving hash at the local grammar school where some of the kids might think you are cool.

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