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  • options4income options4income Apr 3, 2012 4:14 PM Flag

    RH 6.1 bug shutdown issues

    I know folks who are using RH 6.1 on Dell laptops and they cannot shutdown the laptop without performing a hard shutdown. RH is aware of the issue but the answer is to move to RH 6.2. Not everyone will want to do this. Quality software company!
    Check it out yourself.

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    • Whooopie Doo...

      If this was Windoze they wouldn't even acknowledge that there was a problem for a year or two.

      Anyone remember how long it took MS to move from supporting 640K to supporting 1 MB?

      Now if they are having incredible problems after they do a hard shutdown it might be of some concern but if they are not trashing their machines - BFD!

      You suggestion is the equivalent of: Yes, a small number of the the antibiotics you bought last year may have spoiled since then and we have refined our product and recommend that you replace them - and some moron says - I won't throw them out even though I know they may be bad and it will only cost me a little bit of money and time to get brand new ones.

      No product is moron proof. Red Hat is way, way better than Microsoft was at this point in its evolution.

    • bugzilla id is 731114

      I see there is a workaround if you don't want to update your bios. Also appears this is a core Linux issue not specific to RedHat

    • ummm how come when I search the bug is associated with issue: Fails to load mp3 file. Pressing play opens file dialog.?

    • I realize that, wisdom comes with age and experience. Good luck to you also.

    • You're dating yourself with the REO reference. Good luck!

    • Here you go. RH bug #73114. Figured a workaround by editing grub.conf and adding a 'reboot=pci' to the RHEL 6.1 kernal command line.

      Still short.

    • thats_sir,
      I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for an answer. Options4 "Heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who, heard it from another that Dells were shutting down." (With apologies to REO Speedwagon)

    • Why won't they migrate? Not exactly a hard thing to do and of course it does not cost more money.

      • 2 Replies to thats_sir_bubba_to_you
      • Options, this from William Meyer in Seeking Alpha article;

        Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) substantially reduces the cost of doing business and has proven itself for more than a decade in critical business environments. For enterprise data centers, switching to Red Hat is an easy decision to make. Along with Linux, most companies are going to want RHEV for virtualization of servers and JBOSS middleware for applications.

        *******Where Linux has not caught on is the corporate or home desktop. For practical purposes, Red Hat no longer tries to compete in that space.*******

        Nice try but your attempt to bloody this stock is like a fly trying to take down an elephant. You and all the rest of the Hobbits, Trolls, Lilliputians, Midgets, Munchkins, Shorts, etc must be getting a little nervous. You were all positive that this stock was going down big time, but it hasn't quite worked out that way, has it? I suggest you double down, get an equity line on your home, borrow what you have to, and SHORT, SHORT, SHORT!! There is absolutely no way that a company that has resigned 99 out of it's top 100 customers can survive. That they just signed their first ten figure deal with a customer is of little consequence. That BILLION dollars they have in the bank means little. Their 31% growth in billing y/y for the quarter and $946 million dollars in orders that will be booked as revenue in the coming quarters means little too. So what if 375 institutions and mutual funds own 98% of Red Hat, after all as jeff_gorab has expounded several times "The bigger brokers will eventually catch this on their radar and "adjust" the share price." With deep analysis like that I am surprised that you all have not been able to knock this down to the single digits. So Antsy, Streetswith (a terrific speller, btw), Mantsd, h_grant_h, miui_1999, jeanielt, fraudshunt(LMAO), jeff_gorab, et al, sleep well!

      • Same reason everyone does not jump on the bandwagon when Microsoft has an upgrade. You have an infrastructure and you know it works so why change it and introduce an unknown.

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