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  • scothibb scothibb Jul 12, 2012 1:21 PM Flag

    Will keep marching north

    They were smart to drop their Hedgehog inhibitor (Hhi) Saridegib. There's something going on with the Hhi's in development and approved (Genentech's Erivedge).

    Negative data presented at/post-ASCO on their registration indication Basal Cell Carcinoma, as well as their trial in Pancreatic Cancer.
    --increased side effects (dysguesia, aka severe taste disorder) were so bad that it was halting treatment in some patients
    --more alarming, that once taken off of treatment the BCC came back and in the same location

    To hear that it is in no way a curative treatment was shocking (especially the recurrence rate and rapid nature once taken off Erivedge. This discourages all off-label use outside of train-wreck, late-stage disease...something Genentech was counting on.

    And Novartis is not even talking about their next-Hhi-to-market Erismodegib in BCC, and they have a second compound in development that hasn't moved either.

    As far as INFI's REMAINING pipeline...we'll know in a little while if they have positive data in NSCLC with their Hsp90 inhibitor Retaspimycin, and they are really pushing to diversify outside of oncology and embrace the cash-cow market for Rheumatoid Arthritis with their Phase-1/2 PI3K inhibitor compound IPI-145!

    IF their data is even remotely positive in NSCLC it will be HUGE...they are poised to be the first to market for KRAS-mutated NSCLC and squamous NSCLC, which is huge. Especially with their patient population being heavy smokers, it could be a blockbuster.

    Even with all the negative news over the past few years (Retaspimycin HCl tanking in GIST, then Saridegib tanking in Pancreatic followed by Chondrosarcoma, then killed from their pipeline completely) they keep marching North. And my big buy-in was at $5.51, with a prior test-the-waters buy at $4.48. Maybe I’ll set to sell at $16.20 a few days before they announce their NSCLC data, then get back in when it dips.

    What I love about biotech’s like Infinity is that only have two compounds in their pipeline (now that they killed IPI-926/Saridegib), so any news can be good news (unlike Genentech with tons of iffy compounds and a crazy spending history).

    I’m thinking (hoping) they’re going to close Q3 out with a bang.

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