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  • nonelogic nonelogic Apr 9, 2012 9:45 AM Flag

    Yet more News....

    But no news about the AMEX.

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    • No Lightwave Logic,

      Are you sure there was no news about the AMEX. Surely you did not have someone read this article out loud to you.

      Have it re-read to you. You may have misinterpreted the story. (Too many syllables, sorry I will use smaller words).

      • 1 Reply to profitasyoucan
      • With the overall market down due to a perception that the world markets are slowing down and the jobs report last Fridaym GGOX is up and the press release about the sampling keeps us going higher! It will be very hard to snag shares unless some catastropic news event hits and the sky is always going to fall tomorrow for the bashers. When the Dutch auction is completed it will be interesting to see where Avi or what he wants to do next with GIG! I'm trying to buy oil shares at the present with the summver upon us and if the opportune happens for the stock to drop at GIG I could be a buyer but happy with my core holding at present and would only add if I felt it was too attractive not to buy. Yeah I know the price to go way higher and I'd miss out and right now I'm pressing against the overall and trying to diverse as that ugly strategy compels me to do! I'm just not one of those put all your eggs in one basket and watch that basket!