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  • court.fool2000 court.fool2000 Jan 29, 2013 10:00 PM Flag

    Why is APRI really worth $6-$10 after Abbott launches????

    after Abbott launches in canada then Europe is sure thing and now in France alprostadil in the needle form called Caverjet sells $20M and all that turns into Vitaros all of it when Europe follows Abbott any day now---- and theu Sconedica API keeps that and much more in Vitaros sales inn France.
    so wake up you guys and buy your APRI now before Abbott launches and before Europe approves.... and then there is femprox even a Coxsukr could land a small femprox deals that is even without any sales experience or skills.... maybe they could send Cox to real school to learn some skills not to just film making school. another career he failed miserably in besides not selling silver!! imo....imo.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Court...and Robert...with all due respect. I am going to go on record as saying that if Vitaros somehow managed to sell 1 billion dollars in a year, Apricus stock would still never crack $10 a share. The market, for some reason, does not reward success.

      But this is not going to happen...This is why the 2.75 million shorts sleep every night like babies.

      Both of you need to recognize how high 2.74 per share is.

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      • But I can't let this night go by without expressing what I believe will be the next big piece of news that APRI has to offer. Now keep in mind, virtually everything I've predicted has come to pass, but always in slow motion. That's actually been great, because this beautiful stock gives you every opportunity to act. Just like it's doing now. It's giving you the chance to sell it at 2.74 (when you all know it's going to KNOW it).

        But regardless!...Here's what's coming!...APRI is going to announce their new CEO! It's going to be Gerard Burger...yeah, you remember him...he's the owner (with his wife/sister, who knows) of 13% of the company. You remember Finesco, right? That's actually the only "business" that APRI still has.

        Gerard Burger is going to take control.

        The San Diego office will be closed.

        Everyone will be fired.

        Apricus Biosciences will be headquartered in Paris.........................and probably will be renamed............Scomedica Finesco.

        Everybody needs to learn some French.

      • It's nice to see a basher like you on this board. It's a Positive sign that tells a stock is going higher than any one predicted.

        I thought we were living in America and this country does reward success.

        would you please explain your stupid statement ""The market, for some reason, does not reward success."

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