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  • Mar 1, 2013 3:24 PM Flag

    Lots of Vitaros related websites

    I've noticed recently a lot of physician and pharmacy websites have bookmarked landing pages for Vitaros, mostly indicating that it's "coming soon, not yet available" but it certainly is a good sign. Perhaps those pages were put there due to inquiries from customers or perhaps the sites just know that this will be in demand when released but either way, it's a promising sign. I think the stock is grossly undervalued right now, I've been adding to my holdings and look at it at APRI as one of the stocks with the greatest upside for 2013. I think this will be the year the investment starts to pay off for us longs.

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    • Have you seen the one from Canada Health. It is actually more informative than the one Apricus is saving for the future launching of Vitaros. It is obvious that Management is not doing squatt because that Vitaros should be up and running by now.

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      • Mar 1, 2013 4:52 PM Flag

        It is indeed informative. With so little communication from mgmt. it's hard to determine if they are or are not doing what they should be doing. I do fault them for lack of PR-- I think they could be building much more buzz prior to the launch in Canada. Even the use of social media to get some buzz going would be beneficial and cost very little, it would seem.

        I see a company that has a renewed focus on it's core pipeline. For too long they had so many balls up in the air that they seemed to lack focus. They are being criticized for not finding a CEO-- I say, take your time, get the right guy but make sure you do get the right guy. Tie compensation to stock performance. Continue to focus on core products that will bring shareholder value. Hire a PR firm which strong social media ability and creativity. Throw your stockholders a bone once in a while with some info even if it's "hey things continue to go well, more news soon" type thing.

        But as I said, I do think 2013 is our year. Really looking forward to what is about to unfold.

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