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  • court.fool2000 court.fool2000 Aug 20, 2013 1:42 PM Flag

    BIOTECH CEO'S UNITE TO STOP NAKED SHORT SELLING--you listenning Pascoe??? another chance to pretend u are capable..

    Federico Pignatelli, Chairman and CEO of Biolase Inc. (BIOL) called out naked short sellers and short-sellers attempting to manipulate shares of BIOL August 19th, in a candid press release. In short Mr. Pignatelli disclosed that Biolase will continue to issue stock dividends on a periodic basis to reward long-term shareholders and thwart the naked short selling of Biolase stock.

    "It is widely known in the stock market that shorting and illegal naked shorting are often used to manipulate stocks and cause unjust enrichment of ruthless speculators. I advise management of all small cap companies that are subject to attacks from naked short sellers to uncover such illegal activities and protect their shareholders by issuing stock dividends on a quarterly, or even monthly, basis. This practice results in an automatic audit of issued and outstanding shares and help to keep away naked short sellers."
    You could declare a $.05 cent divident just to adjust the real from phony -naked shares

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    • its funny bicster gave me a thumbs down-- gee i wonder why, shorty....

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    • remember when damaj issued that worthless warrant in the event of a hostile takeover the number of shares would double to put the gabash on any takeover right away.
      ? remember how the shares had to be recounted for the new special warrant if a hostile takeover after the posion pill went into efefct doubling the amount of shares in the event of a hostile takeover?
      that put any fire out on take over speculation yet the stock still went to its all time high of $6.20 or so after the special warrant was announced with the poison pill.
      Pascoe you can do it again to force the shorts out by mang them epose their real positions when the residtrations for the dividents are counted.
      this same must be done now for a divident to trap and catch these naked shorts controlling APRI!! you must act like a CEO, pascoe it is a necesary step. If you want redemption from slaughtering all your ex SOMX shareholders, including myself you need to do this asap!! prove you have some genius in you.

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      • Court, there is no naked shorting going on with this stock. Yes, it happened almost 3 years ago but I have not seen our ticker on the REG SHO violations list for a long time. If you go to interactive brokers you will find that 250,000 shares of APRI stock is available to loan for any shorting activity. Is the stock being manipulated up and down, I believe it is but not by much. However, I think it is manipulated by the MM to create liquidity, stock buying and selling. There are NO BUYERS for the stock, the big money buyers, IMHO are staying clear because of the BOD. Would you invest millions in a company that rejected the wishes of it's shareholders? Thanks for posting the story, I will contact the lawyers suing Biolase to see if I can get an action to FIRE OUR BOD!.

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