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  • u2rlost2003 u2rlost2003 Jul 8, 2003 3:43 PM Flag

    another one bites the dust

    Looks like the new Production Control Manager (ol' Gary boy)dosen't need a company paid for ride back and forth from the county jail anymore. It's hard for me to believe that the company would spend money on transporting someone to and from jail,and the maintenance manager has enough time to stop in and supply the latest information as to the state of affairs at Featherlite to the competitors (millennium)on a regular basis.Is anybody watching the farm? Or are they to busy trying to snow each other. Oh by the way have a double for me.

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    • I have found in life the avid church-goers are the ones you REALLY have to watch. They will screw you in a second. Atlanta, I have no doubt you sit right next to "ol CON" every Sunday.

    • <<...a company paid for ride back and forth from the county jail...>>

      What are you talking about? It appears you are saying that the Production Control Manager at FTHR Vantare was in jail. Is this right? If so, why??? Please let me know what this is about.

    • I would say the maintenance manager is not supplying information to Millenium but in fact lining up his new job. I see it ALL the time. Someone getting paid by one company to go out and recruit their next employer. Like I said....only in America!
      Hell, the guy is probably selling Featherlite purchased supplies out the back door to Millenium. That would be what we call CONning the CON! More power too him. Birds of a feather.......