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  • fred_martz2003 fred_martz2003 Aug 1, 2003 10:19 PM Flag

    The View Cont'

    Hello. It is not my intention now or ever to beome engaged in a "war of words" with anyone on this site. I am just not interested in such pettyness. There are a few things however, I feel that need to be stated. 1) Yes, I am a Christian, thank you for noticing. I find it curious however that you were able to determine that from my last post. 2) The view from here is just that. My view, from where I am, who I am, and how I see it. It was never stated my view was higher than, lower than, above or below anyone else's. To imply otherwise is just ridiculess. Now let's move on. I find it curious that as many people that have posted about the lack of benefits at the Sanford Plant Location, not one of them has made mention of the New Benefits Package that was announced a few weeks back and went into effect today. For employees with 5 years or more, the ammount of vacation & personal Days combined nearly doubled! Not one word of thanks or praise or even a "it's about time". Goes to show the junk seems to make for better stories. I must admit I agree with the posts that suggest one should not invest money based on how one "feels" about a company. I'm not a Finacial Anyalist nor would I claim to be. I believe that each person should investigate and make decisions on what to invest in on their own. Personally I believe in Diversity in Investing, as well as in Life. So why would I want to Invest in FTHR stock: 1) Current extremely low purchase price. 2) When all were saying FTHR was going to fail, FTHR has remained up and running. 3) The company's willingness to: examine it's weak areas find the mistakes and eliminate or correct them, 4) investigate new market opportunies (both in trailers & coaches), and pursue the ones with the most promise, 5) reinvest in itself by upgrading the computers and design technolegy. 6) The new divison's (SV) pay-as-you-go growth attitude, that is starting to show itself successful.7) In spite of all the negitivity being spread, Repete Customers are still coming back-and bringing New Customers with them. 8) Lastly anytime you invest money, it should be money you are willing to do without. If an Invester such as myself choses to drop a few dollars each pay into a low cost stock which offers Long-Term potential big rewards, instead of spending that same amount on -say a case of beer, cartion of smokes, or whatever else that offers NO Chance of return, what is that to all you Nay Sayers. If you chose not invest in FTHR and spend your money somewhere else then more power to you, its fine with me, and I wish you success. I'll sleep good either way. That's the view from here.

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    • Could you send me what you are smoking? I need a dose of UN-reality!

    • Hey there long wind, why don't you mention the fact that the "benefits" as you call them, are just another example of Conrad leaching off of his employees?!? If this company really wanted to do something "beneficial" for it's employees, they might not try to profit from it. Now stand back, I may use some words your trailer park mind might not understand. Most companies donate money toward their employees. An example would be a matching of 401K input, or paying some if not all, of it's employees insurance. Some even envoke into "profit-sharing" Instead, our wonderful company has insisted on taking the money it collects from the employees from insurance, and keep it. They then pay out the claims from that account. Not only do they not use a independant health agency, they prefer to self insure, so they may profit from the interest on the said account. The new Blue Cross is a self insured division, called "Wellmark". Try finding a doctor who accepts it, who has a legitimate degree. You'll be hard pressed. Most doctors know of self-insurance, and decline it for obvious reasons. Many of the employees who have no real health problems, are paying as much as 45%-50% more than they should/need, so to make up the difference for sick assed bastards like yourself who need a constant doctors care. Most "Good" companies even offer a choice of plans. So here's your flipping mention, how do you like it? The extra time off we now have should be better served looking for real jobs. What will you do when your department closes(the specialty vehicle dept), for health reasons, you can't go back on the floor. Maybe you should have your trailer park wife learn to clipper cut your hair better, because the trailer park style doesn't do so well in the new job market. It smells of desparation and dispare. You say some spend thier money on drinking and smoking, why don't you spend that little investment money, investing in some "Great Clips", you'll get better results. How many of those things you sold yet anyway. Maybe you should call your old employer, I don't think sales suits you.

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      • I hope you are not surprised by this. It's business as usual @ CON Enterprises.

      • Since when is it a right to have an employer pay ones health care cost? As i have said in an earlier post, America has become one big fat overweight sow with all the little piglets sucking at the nipples. Time for adults to act like adults and provide their own health insurance. Thats the only way health care cost are going to come down. As long as daddy's {such as Mr. Clement}are paying for other peoples irresponsable lifestyles, cost are going to continue to escalate. What a bunch of wussies we have become. Daddy takes care of our kids education, he protects us from drugs, from sex, from tobacco and hell, he even protects us from Mcdonalds.

    • Finally a great post. Thanks, and be ready to be verbally abused by certain other "individuals" on this board.

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      • You and Fred need to stay off the gonja!

      • I respectfully disagree about the quality of the martz post, although I agree that the personal attacks common on this board are pure crap. The facts speak for themselves.

        Martz's cheerleading for Featherlite is based upon opinion rather than facts. He puts a positive spin on Featherlite as an investment opportunity with virtually nothing substantive to support his position. Yes, the stock is cheap. But it is cheap for a reason.

        This is especially ironic at this particular moment in time. As a matter of fact, even though Featherlite announced several months ago that it was in discussions with GE Capital to renegotiate the terms of this loan to preclude a default, the July 31 deadline has now come and gone with not a word from either Featherlite or GE.

        Unless something has already happened that has yet to be announced (not likely, as these things by law cannot be kept secret), Featherlite is now in default with GE Capital to the tune of perhaps something north of $10 million. This default automatically puts Featherlite debt from other lenders in default.

        Regardless of one's personal bias regarding Featherlite, the rest of the conversation on this board regarding Featherlite as an investment or as a successful business enterprise is simply irrelevant, and will remain so until some resolution, good or bad, is reached on the GE Capital debt. But to attempt to put a positive spin on Featherlite's current business situation is absurd.

        At the moment, the patient is not dead. But a Code Blue has been called and the patient needs action to be saved.