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  • grip27grip28 grip27grip28 Feb 9, 2008 3:12 AM Flag

    Super Tuesday, will prove big for NOEC..

    you heard it from me first.. numbers will blow wallstreet away..

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    • ACUS and ENCY. You gotta be kidding me. Two penny stocks. One rated a Hold by Reuters and the other ranked "D" by Schwab. Sorry man. Homey don't play that game.

    • Just being realistic man.I don't like to sell at a loss. It's simple.

    • I say they won't. And that pains me because I am already underwater. There are too many bagholders looking to sell into any rally anyway which will just keep a lid on it, regardless of how 'great' their numbers are. They set the bar fairly high already, which is why they have such high expectations here...and why they won't 'crush'. Furthermore, given the terrible weather and the price of coal I think their guidance will be negative. Add it up...bagholders, too high of expectations, cautious/negative guidance and you have the makings of a bad day Tuesday.

      Long and wishing I wasn't. But not selling.

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      • "you heard it from me first.. numbers will blow wallstreet away.. "

        No it won't. But, it doesn't matter if they do or not. This market will punish it by profit taking, short selling and every other means available to force it to retreat. Bottom line, the pps will fall significantly. Look at TRA and TNH last week. Outstanding earnings (six-fold increase) well beyond what NOEC will report and it sold off in double digits.

        This market is controlled/manipulated by hedge funds, shorts, etc and has been since the initial discussion of sub-prime losses started many months ago. They grab any negative news and use it to their advantage to make zillions and won't let up until they have wrung every cent out of the retail customers portfolios. Us amateurs don't stand a chance in this market. You have better odds at a casino on the Mississippi.