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  • fairhope_guy fairhope_guy Apr 15, 2008 9:22 AM Flag

    Look at the Pre Market movement..


    Is that real.... up .30 before the open..

    Another attempt at making me think this is going up...

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    • "I'm out on an uptick. Let some other sucker choke on this loser of a company".

      That's the very thing that will make this stock go up, when the disgruntled traders/investors give up.

    • Fairhope, I'm new to the board though I have watched NOEC for some time. From your comments, I don't think you are being objective right now. You may very well be right that this company needs some instruction in promoting the value of the stock, however the #1 reason imo for NOEC's underperformance is that they missed on earnings and lowered guidance. It's all about the weather and completely out of managements hands, but's it's still a miss and so all you get for now is buying from the value crowd and that's not going to help the stock price. I bought in yesterday because I hope the upcoming earnings report will at least come in at the reduced expectations and that there will be some enthusiasm for the rest of the year, as well there should be. The best time to buy this stock imo is now or just after the next earnings report. You got ambushed by mother nature (and a company that failed to put a positive spin on it). This is a very inopportune time to sell. Just one more opinion, if you're interested.

    • fair hope you sound bitter, i'm very long this stock, it will go up just hang in there. it's the market right now, it sucks. Buy and hold and you'll make like 40% on this.