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  • ucffinance ucffinance Jul 20, 2005 7:58 PM Flag

    Cramer didn't care for LTD...


    on Mad Money...He said sell. I don't agree, but what can you do.

    NMKT.OB...The future!

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    • Cramer has not liked LTD since it hit $17 over a year ago. I am actually glad Cramer does not like LTD. He is a smart guy who is entertaining to watch, but as far as investment advice I would be careful. He still has ties to Wall Street and he pumps stocks that are already overvalued. Not to mention he changes his mind very often. Listen to him and you will burn through more commission than normal. They should rename the show from "Mad Money" to "Mad Cow". Any reasonable investor would not listen to a "Mad Cow", would they?

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      • I would agree with that. I like Cramer and he has good ideas on how to take a disciplined approach to buying and selling stocks. But he's too damn hard to follow, changing his mind every 5 seconds. Just do your own homework and make your own informed decision.

      • So I'm looking at LTD for the first time, and I guess I must be missing something, because the stock looks too cheap...

        Dividend yield of 7.5% (that can't be right for a retailer, can it?)

        PEG 1.25

        ROE 20%

        Double-digit operating margins

        And most importantly (for me and the way I value stocks)... EV/FCF of 8.2! That is a CHEAP way to buy cash flow.

        So clearly, if these numbers are right, there must be other concerns with the company to warrant such low valuations. Can anyone enlighten me a bit?

        Thanks, and good luck to all...

    • "what can you do"? Buy the cheap shares the sellers are selling. See you at $27 by Christmas. No brainer here.

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      • I have to tell you, I watch the guy (Cramer), and lately the dude is wrong much more than he's right. (See CSCO, MSFT, FFIV, SBL etc..)
        For him to say except for VS the rest of LTD is junk proves that he just doesn't have a clue. It's IMPOSSIBLE to be an expert on every company as he portrays himself to be.
        Ltd, Exp, BBW etc.. all great stores! (Just ask my wife, the #1 market indicator :)). In some sectors I don't think baldy has a clue.

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