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  • Rachimov Rachimov May 12, 1998 8:13 PM Flag

    Victoria's Secret Sucks!

    nearly 6 weeks ago I ordered merchandies thru the
    mail at Victoria's Secret Catalog. Two weeks ago, I
    got my bank statement n the mail, with the check I
    wrote to VS already cashed and processed. But no
    I called VS and asked them where my clothes were,
    and they said they had "held" the check for an
    indeterminate amount of time, to make sure I wasn't scr*wing
    them out of their money(well that was the jist of the
    conversation). I said I had the cashed check in my hand, so they
    called the bank and confirmed, and promised to send the
    stuff by Friday( good enough since some of it was a
    mother's day present for my mother) Friday comes and goes,
    NO stuff.
    I call again, where is my stuff? It
    was shipped three day air, it wll be there by NO
    later than monday. Monday comes and monday
    stuff. Today was Tuesday, the stuff finally came. I
    purchased a bra(it came in the wrong color). I purchaes 3
    tunic and legging outfits, tonally dyed to match. The
    tunics were discontinued, but they still sent the
    leggings...what I am supposed to do with legging with nothing
    that matches, am not sure? But they recommended that I
    send back the leggings(If I want to pay for that, not
    to mention the trip to mail boxes etc, where I have
    to also purchase a container to send them in).
    am so tempted to short this stupid stock, since The
    company is obviously more f*cking inept than any other
    company on the face of the planet.
    IF they didn't want
    to sell me anything, I just wish they'de sent back
    my check and told me to shove it up my rear, rather
    than a 6 week wait for clothes that I couldn't use, so
    I could pay to send them back.
    F8ck you very
    much Victoria's Secret. I hope you get delisted due to
    a customer boycott due to your sh*tty inept
    incompetent service.

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