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  • jcato2001 jcato2001 Mar 29, 2007 9:07 AM Flag

    Valuation ?

    NOBODY ANYWHERE in their right mind is expecting this to not go higher at some point. The only thing keeping it where its at is people trying to purge shares so they can buy more and ride it to 60 dollars, and that's what will happen before they get done with it. You guys can screw around if ya want. I hope shorts get done with their positions before they let it run, and I also hope you guys are able to get all ya want before it heads north. If you don't get in cheap your gonna wish you did. Why screw with a point or two and miss 30? You guys are risking alot of returns over a few points not riding the long. Just wait and see. It will happen. Don't get your head torn off over a few % short.

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    • "The only thing keeping it where its at is people trying to purge shares so they can buy more"

      This is the most mixed up logic I've heard in a while! Care to explain why people trying to accumulate would sell their shares?

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      • ok so institutions don't manipulate stock prices ever. Nobody ever runs a stock down to get it cheap then take it on a 30-40% run. I love the buy hold recommendations. Its like hey let me get in front of the media after I get my position and then change my mind and totally rerate it after I close my position. Some are honest, others are not, some plain old dont make any sense. It's called sell 4 times the daily volume short if u want, and when it runs down, then take the money you just made and add that to what you are about to buy long. The little guys mean jack and squat. When a major player comes along, they do what they want and put the price where they want it. What do you think happens when someone decides they are gonna short 500 million bucks worth of stock? It doesn't matter if it makes sense or not. They are gonna push it down with selling pressure. Go look at OMTR. It happens all the time. It has no earnings, no earnings anytime soon, and google is about to break into their market and kick them in the balls and they trade at like a 90 P/E. It's been propped up and people are slowly now buying their shares as they slowly unload them. Go look at insider trading/institutional buying. Go trade some small caps. If you do a search, you can't find a better long than HERO. Ok maybe out of thousands you might find 4 or 5 based on FUNDAMENTALS. If you short HERO LONGTERM you are a retard. As for Cramer, who cares. He could say popsicles won't melt in arizona and if enough people follow it and believe him then they will buy popsicle stocks and the price will move. You think he has foresight or able to just take an ok idea and get people to buy into it just because they know he mentions something and people will see it pop the next day and they just want a piece of it? Cramer is an intelligent guy, he has some sense. That doesn't automatically give him a crystal ball and make him always right. Ya, I know alot of penny stock people who buy a ton, then say hey look, this is breaking out of its chart with high volume, buy now, then you do, and they sell you their shares. My whole point was I hope shorts get in and get out before they get their heads handed to them. When this starts to run dont be standing there short holding the bag.

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