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  • robertnupstatecarolina robertnupstatecarolina Oct 22, 2010 12:33 AM Flag

    Did You See Fleet Status Report?

    The answer for poster MROPINE is simple.......

    Go Ask Obama, he is to blame for the mess in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Hero has received 12 drilling permits from the interior department in the last 5 months and the average prior to those dates was 11 permits per month. Hero would have plenty of work if our government would release the drilling permits.

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    • While I'm no big fan of the current administration, you're saying that HERO's problems are all to lay at the foot of Obama?

      How does Obama have anything to do with a rig in international waters that once had a day rate of 150k going down to 60k? Isn't this HERO negotiation skills?

      How does Obama have anything to do with HERO's maintenance issues with the rig in India?

      How does Obama have anything to do with sending a rig from West Africa over to Bahrain which will undoubtedly cost millions of dollars which HERO doesn't have?

      Don't forget that HERO's mom & pop customers need Natural Gas to be above $7/mmBTU for them to drill otherwise they lose money. Are you saying that cheap gas is Obama's fault? My electric bill is coming in at $0.08/kw because gas is so cheap, that's a GOOD thing.

      Are you part of HERO management to keep finding excuses for HERO mgmt? I've never seen a company's management whine and bellyache as much as HERO. "It's the economy, it's the regulations, it's the gas market, it's the weather, it's always something but management."

      I guess in order for this company to be successful the economy has to be booming, nat gas needs to be at $12/mmbtu, a Republican needs to be in the White House, drilling permits need not be required, and financing needs to be cheap so that HERO management doesn't have to get off it's a$$ to do anything. Hmmm...I wonder how much of a bonus HERO mgmt will give themselves at the end of the year?

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      • obama created a surpless of drillers around tthe world by not allowing them to work in us waters. increased supply = decreased price. Also, natural gas burns clean but obama is not interrested. hes only interrested ib clean coal, solar and wind. Thank God for the upcomming elections! republican landslide=impeach obama = grerat economy. This recession was over a yeart ago but the socialist agenda of obama is keeping us all down! My freiends feel the same way and we are all black so dont bother calling me a racist!

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