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  • jeremysikessr jeremysikessr May 3, 2011 8:14 PM Flag

    Expect consolidation to 6.15 then 5.75 this week

    Considering the weakness in the oil market.

    Expect profit taking before HERO continues building

    The only exception to this is if management comes out with news of improved NET margins. If no REAL news and just analyst hewy...expect us to approach yesterday's lows within the next 3-5 trading days.

    Great run, just a little toppy at this point so I would not fight the head and shoulders pattern forming or the falling knife to follow until after we consolidate hear.

    Not a basher...just not wearing rose colored glasses. Long term investors should be great. Traders need to take profits at open IMHO.

    Have fun and good luck to all.

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    • Mike,first of all,I was not day trading this stock-some of your other pals might have been,but not me.Second,I understand your sweet spot theory.But,HERO has a better chance of getting reconized if oil went through the roof.What I mean by that is the higher the oil,the higher the gas prices,the louder the people of the United States will SCREAM at politicians to do something! I have my doubts now that the NAT-GAS bill will even go thru.With high gas prices,congress would be more at ease to do MORE shallow water drilling and that would be great for HERO.Now,I know alot of this weeks selling was panic,but I do not think the fundamentals are there to take this stock to some of these wacky upgrade prices that I have seen on this post.

      And I am going to throw a comment back at you.Since you know so much about HERO,are you a billionaire?!?!

    • spacecity May 6, 2011 10:19 AM Flag

      Yall are crazy if you are selling! With Pemex going to start their projects in shallow water in the Gulf later this year Hero is going to start making money! They plan to spend 11 billion over the next few years drilling shallow first then deep water next. WFT will be supplying a lot of equip so that's not a bad buy either..

    • Jeremy,I agree with you mostly.I sold the rest of position as well. Nothing against HERO fans,but I think money can be made elsewheres faster right now.I personaly believe oil dipping back below $100 is a bad thing for HERO.My reason you ask:congress is not going to want to open shallow shore drilling any faster with gas prices to about to go down.With oil above $100,panic starts to set in with congress due to them having to hear it from the citizens paying high gas prices.I think gas prices are about to drop and thats now going to be good for the consumer. Also with upgrades one week and downgrades the next,it does nothing but put speculation and manipulation back into the stock.Thats why you are seeing these wild 6-7% swings in the stock.

      I know this is going to set off nerves with some die-hard HERO fans,so if you are plan on slamming with bad comments,you better get your facts together,because you are going to lose the debate!

      Good luck to all,I just think HERO or many other oil sectors is the place to be right now.

    • look at my post on the evening of the 3rd.

      Then look at the last two days trading and the prices it spent most of the time at.

      I closed my position and wish the best two all.

      I hope both sides learned something then.

    • Before you bask me...ask yourself how long we spent around 6.15 in the last hour

      An experienced trader is your best barometer, even if he is on the other side of the fence.

      This is a great long term investment, just a poor short term one in my opinion

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