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  • blackgoldgusher blackgoldgusher Mar 26, 2013 5:04 PM Flag

    Cramer said "I can't bless this stock it's ""UP TO BIG""

    Are you #$%$ kidding. It's "UP TO BIG"??? That is the number one reason to look into it. I am sure Cramer never did. Nor did he do any research on the company. Just a BS answer because the right answer would have been. "I DON"T KNOW WHY" but Hero is UP and it's UP BIG. There MUST be something good happening. I'll look into it. Then he could have found out all the positives and would have said "Are you #$%$ kidding me. Hero is SO UNDERVALUED it is a BUY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But no Cramer is a Norton.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • He has never liked it because they are a SW driller operating in the GOM. He likes the risky, deep watter drillers with very high-tech rigs.

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      • sit back & let market internals breakthrough the top enabling a new base support.
        all that money waiting for the pullback just a pending order away. Dow 20k is real.
        you can see the synergy in the markets in how bad news places the stock at breakout posistions.
        add while you can for $7.40 will long gone just as $2.79. anyone really doubting $29-$31 by
        may 2014?
        remember the famous double dip crash comming?
        expotential synergy is coiled in this stock do not wait and be caught without only for chance at better fill at $6. lol.
        enjoy your Investment-

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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