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  • kudlowcramer897 kudlowcramer897 May 13, 2014 10:20 PM Flag

    Gained only a penny today.. looks like rally is over again. Time for longs to feel more pain.

    You fall for it everytime.. it's laughable. All of you pathetic longs think HERO is going somewhere, it's trading within a range and will eventually trend down lower due to Crumby Assets that are old and outdated.

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    • Yep.. Guess I was 100% right, as usual.

      • 1 Reply to kudlowcramer897
      • 100% right, as usual - except for the entire time you've been posting here.

        #$%$, do me a favor and pull up the one month HERO chart (The aforementioned time period since your created your awesome screen name) and draw a trend line. Pick the lows or the highs - your choice. Does the line point up or down?

        I try to imagine myself in your shoes. Am I a disgruntled employee? Or am I who I claim to be, the guy who purports to be long at $7 and now has decided the time to sell is at $4.50. If it's the first case, I wouldn't worry about your unemployment benefits until after the midterm elections. If it's the second, then you may not be the last person on planet earth to take investment advice from, but if a couple of people die behind you, the spot could be yours.

        But I sure look forward to the down day self-aggrandizing.

    • It looks like RUSTY BRAIN More_On_Mike_DotCom / More_On_KudLowCramer897 / More_On_IHateOnkyo has got out of the bar after heavy drinking for his investment club's failed attempt to stop the run up yesterday and today for which they made multiple blocks of 50k short sales ...

      He is most probably one of the fat HERO bears who thinks he can keep a low profile behind the tall grass and avoid getting slaughtered by bear hunters ... :)

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