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  • balsski balsski May 12, 2010 10:56 AM Flag


    I don't believe that a small .pk company will be getting any part of the oil spill clean up. There are bigger fish out there.

    This is probably one of many.

    Interesting video from CNBC on Nalco (NLC)

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    • No, they don't. This stuff is just as toxic as the spill itself. It breaks the oil up into digestible pieces which is then ingested by the sealife thereby poisoning them as well as the gulf waters. They, Nalco, have refused to reveal what is the chemical makeup and they, BP, have been dumping this poison into the gulf by the ton. They have been using this 'corextin' (spelling?) for about 20 yrs and it is just as bad today as ever.

      The only thing this crap does is make the water appear clean on the television and make BP look like something is being done.

      It does not even begin to address the problem but then again BP is not interested in doing a proper job but only to get their balls out the proverbial vice grip of negative public opinion and lawsuits.

      Once again, corporate clowns are throwing a ton of money at their cronies and ignoring the real, environmentally safe solutions. I hope for the sake of all those people's livelihoods that BP does the right thing but I wouldn't hold my breath for that. Really sad, an entire region could be destroyed for the almighty dollar. And they will continue this until god knows when...

    • Interesting video. I saw that Valco has a patent on the chemicals used. I hope to God that GRBG wasn’t using Valco’s chemicals in their video demonstration. That would not be good. Now that GRBG is working with Big Apple nothing would surprise me.

    • as long as you have a million dollars to invest. you will not make a killing .