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  • abesteinberger2011 abesteinberger2011 Feb 2, 2011 2:47 PM Flag

    OREX is done forever.

    One trick pony, and 5-10 years of cardiac testing=done for good. Sure may pop a little here and there but I think this will be $1 by summer.


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    • stockguru Feb 3, 2011 10:03 AM Flag

      thanks dude

      now want to change your words?

    • stockguru Feb 3, 2011 8:40 AM Flag

      wrong you moron

      check VVUS

      Contrave is much safer than VVUS diet drug

      VVUS above $7+

      • 1 Reply to stockguru
      • your analogy and name calling is very childish....forgiven...your reasoning is as intelligent as a is why....first of all, Mr. stock Guru who says vvus price is legimatate other than manipulative CEO who excersised his option grant and future bonuses in cash prices not in "HIS OWN STOCK REWARDS" !!! what does this tells about their slick mgmts....besides, believe me vvus has not been ambushed yet but will happen after they dump!!!! they donot care a diddly sq. about investors but their own selves...that's all... when every investors valuation is based on merely stock price and no regards for post marketing revenues and generated sales...its a foolish to begin with...because after all, its about sales generated to come up with stock pps...from drug stand point i whould refer you to my blog on VVUS board subject:
        VVUS: FEN-PHEN DEJA nutshell, vvus has better politicians and management than ARNA< OREX..thats all do not be fooled by PPS, that the most manipulative means for manipulative analysts and articles and hedge funds......thats how you get sucked in @ 9-10 dollars....and will do 3 years wishful thinking and typing on this MB for a "DREAM DAY"....LMAO, banks holds your money with least interest which is safe and sound while HEDGE FUNDS HOLD YOUR MONEY AND CREATE SHALLOW HOPE AND SORROW, AND WISHFUL THINKNG AND 24/7 ON MB AS a future job.....good luck to wise investors not smart silver-tongue CEO's and crook investors....look at what happend to POZN after approval: when to 12 dollars prior to approval and then new drug landed and never generated a valuable sales in last 6 monhs!!!!pozn 6-7 dollars stock ever, for diet market, you have to compete with most used drug for past 3 decades only costs 26-35 dollars per month=cash, assumingly like Meridia which had 135 dollars per month cost which is exected with vvus if ever is APPROVED....APPROVAL IS ONE THING AND POST MARKETING SALE IS ANOTHER!!!!HOW YOU EXPECT AN OBESE PATIENT PAY 135 DOLLARS A MONTH VERSUS ASSUMINGLY APPROVED VVUS 135 DOLLARS PER MONTH SINCE INSURANCE IS NOT COVERING DIET PILL....please,MR. STOCK GURU, no smart mouth comments but wise reasoning with supported facts response is appreciated......thats why diet market is a shot in the DARK....

    • for a moment, think about it: WHAT IS STEVEN COHEN'S AGENDA? he pumped to the top, hedged crazily on the top and coverd now PUMPING PHASE we small investor learn these monster "MANIPULATIVE INTENTIONS" ever!!!!!

    • bump for naive investors and traders....scam

    • let me better phrase it for you: CONTRAVE IS DONE FOR EVER AND NEVER WILL BE IN THE MARKET=100% DRUG BUST IN BIOTECH=PERIOD BAD INVESTMENT TO BEGIN WITH THAT'S WHY THIS CO. THROW A DART(least amount of patiens and investment with selective study designs...excluded obese with cardiac complications since they already new outcome based on previous data....good luck trading that's all but do not expect contrave on market ever....if Meridia is any witness ...bunch of compulsive gamblers with no regards for facts and never learn from the past experience....
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    • Alright son, how many ranges have you run?

      How many enemies have you conquered?

      Don't mess with this'll get the horn!

      The forces at work here are bigger than your pea brain.


    • Yea...whatever. Listen pimple can take your fricken shalom and ......the rest of the board can fill in the blanks! ADIOS

    • Anyone who thinks there is a future for this company and this drug does not understand drug development and regulatory risk. The FDA is requiring a very expensive study the outcome of which is unknown of course until the data are revealed. Takeda does NOT have to pay for any of this study which will cost in excess of $ 300 MM. There is plenty of time to invest and no is not the time. Insider buying means nothing. Buyer beware

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