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  • jeanpaul.gottier jeanpaul.gottier Aug 14, 2012 5:28 PM Flag

    Arna's 13% gain...

    i am also short OREX today! this stock has a 10% short position, which is really high in its industry! also, it keep losing millions of dollars every quarter! its a no brainer to short this sucker! but question, why do you keep saying "etc" every other word dude? : ) etc. lol

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    • Short here, too. There is no basis for this run other than ARNA. The powers that be will try to push this below $4 before options expiration Friday.

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      • There is not a need for any other basis than arna. We talking about a prescription for the worst medical affliction in the world. Exlcluding vvus due to its over priced and safety concerns, and limitations on it avaiability, the only other choices for the next 3 to 5 years are arna and vvus. You know that since vvus got approval, orex is no brainer. So that leaves 2. Do you wonder why pepsi is so big, even though coke is number one. What about McD and wendys, tylenol and advil. Come on, this country does not allow monopolys, and even if so, the people will support 2. This is the easiest choice I have ever seen. So rediculous to think everyone lays over and hands the pot of gold to arna, though that is ok , since i am loaded there. The prudent thing is to spread your money app. 70/30 with arna and orex.Do not expect orex to go below $4.

    • Etc.? That's a fair question... besides standard definition, basically it indicates I have more to say on the subject. However, due to time and space, I abbreviates it. Therefore, I expect you to fill-in-the-rest as you read my postings, etc.