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  • omni1tsd omni1tsd Oct 11, 2012 10:28 PM Flag

    Biden needs to go back to Catholic school on abortion

    In 1974 legalized abortion was not being well accepted by society as most felt it to be immoral so the abortion lobby hired a prominent United Way marketer to determine the best approach moving forward to make it acceptable. Alwasy remember it creates massive debt loads and the demorcrats indeed signed the Fed Reserve Bank into law 1913 with the sole purpose of debt leveraging our currency. In other words the more debt the better. Low and behold the master maketeer informed the abortion lobby that they should change the debate away from morality for which there would never be a win and change it to a woman's right to choose. BINGO and here we are with abortion a mere form of birth control. Biden, Obama, Hilary Bilary etc all chime about safety of the mother and rape. Do the math and I bet of the 50,000,000 (million babies killed since 1973) I'd bet it's 2% or less. It's a big con game and costing us massive tax dollars to feed the dems FED!

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