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  • omni1tsd omni1tsd Oct 23, 2012 5:33 AM Flag

    Sorry dems overall Obama loses

    Dems still supporting Obama are just naive if not downright dumb. Obama is the most ineffective child prodigy community organizer Muslim Brotherhood leaning traitor ever to disgrace the office. It's because of naive fools like you that landed us here. Romney scored just the right amount of hits on foreign policy to park Obama where he belongs without appearing harsh (as did Obama quite frequently and frankly had a look of startled dismay upon his face throughout the debate as Romney pointed out his serious failures such as the apology tour where Obama visited all the Muslim Brotherhood states but purposfully avoided Israel our most significant ally inthe region.) That alone toasted Obama much less Romney's tactful shifting to the most failed Obama economy. Obama is going to get us killed and Romney was so correct to point out the FACT Obama whispered in the Russian Prime Minister's ear that he'd have more flexibility (to sell out the USA) once the election is over. Come on dems get your heads out of your rumpsters and face the facts Obama has failed and failed in all areas. He's a community organizer for gosh sakes and you fools elected such an empty suit. The final blow came when Romney again correctly asserted he would revive the economy by implementing economic policies that spur business accross the board and not invest in individual companies as did Obama squnaderiong trillions of our tax dollars on many already failed companies such as the infamous Solyndra and bailing out the unions such as GM and Chrysler by bankrupting them, destroying all the original stock and bondholders and bailing out the unions from their massive unfunded healthcare and retirement liabilitities again placing the onus on taxpayers by lifting their burden with Obamacare (the MASSIVE UPCOMING 2014 TAX.) This man is corrupt beyond all measure and anyone not seeing through him at this stage is 100% IMAGE ORIENTED and susceptible to be taken by any crook that presents himself as a SMOODGE OPERATOR like Obama and the Chicago regime.

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