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  • vol2smile vol2smile Aug 26, 2007 6:27 PM Flag

    Are we there yet?

    what do you do then, knowing it will soon collapse ....

    Remember all the big cities they have centers there(easy growth phase is over), the strongest season will soon be over, the stock is way over-touted, almost 120%-200% of the good news have been priced in, and their book may not be right (in China you can only trust big state-run companies)....

    20 years ago Chinese students coming to US are talented students, these days only second-tier students or not so ambitious students will come to US (with so many opportunities in China, those students coming to US these days will not do well : personalities decide they will come here, and also personality will decide that they will not do well), EDU is in a declining business ....

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    • vol2smile,

      In answer your question; I will hold EDU until its fundamentals have changed.

      In response to your post; I�d like to share a few thoughts. First, if you are insinuating that EDU has �cooked� the books, please provide proof. Second, I think you have misjudged how ambitious the Chinese student remains. From my personal experience in China, I can tell you that Chinese students are focused on one thing only, passing the National College Entrance Exams. Finally, I am hoping that English is your second language. If not, you�d be best advised to worry about the U.S. educational system.

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