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  • rrtzrealmd rrtzrealmd Jan 27, 2014 12:59 PM Flag

    Gotta laugh at this joke of a company...

    ...from the company's website:

    "Oramed proposes to introduce ORMD-0801 treatment as a complementary agent to insulin injections in the treatment of T1DM."

    ...given that Type 1 diabetics require relatively small amounts of insulin -- typically 30U or less per day -- and given that the MASSIVE dose of 8 MILLIGRAMS in each ORMD0801 pill amounts to about 800U -- got that, eight HUNDRED UNITS of insulin in EACH pill -- they are basically admitting that their pill is INEFFECTIVE...

    ...if the patient STILL has to take shots in order to get adequate insulin levels DESPITE taking orally TWO THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED units of oral insulin a day -- as reported in ORMP's Type 1 study -- then what good is it?...

    ...but what is even more hilarious is this:

    "Oramed's oral insulin is indicated for the earlystages of T2DM, when it can still slow the rate of degeneration of the disease by providing additional insulin to the body and allowing pancreatic respite."

    ...they try and argue that providing exogenous insulin allows the T2DM patient's pancreas to "rest"...well, that's nice but, unforunately, that's NOT the PROBLEM initially -- the problem is insulin resistance due to bloated fat cells with inadequate insulin receptors!...

    ...not to mention that insulin therapy in type 2 diabetics usually starts around 50U a day...even if ORMP's idea had any merit, how many units of oral insulin would be required per day to reach theraputic levels levels -- probably something well in excess of 3-4 THOUSAND units per DAY!...Humulin r runs around $140 per day, so Orascam's pill would probably have to cost somewhere north of FIVE HUNDRED dollars per DAY!!...

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