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  • linska10 linska10 Feb 25, 2014 5:07 PM Flag

    Dead in the water

    Unless they have some blockbuster partnership announcement coming soon, what is going to make this stock go higher. They last few news releases have caused the stock to go down.

    Can they use this pill technology for other types of diseases? If so how long will that take to get going.

    I guess one thing at a time.

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    • ..."Can they use this pill technology for other types of diseases?"???...what "pill technology"?...the only reason they get any absorption at all with insulin is that each pill has TEN TIMES what a typical type 1 diabetic uses in a WHOLE DAY!...look at Kidron's patent!...apparently she thinks that "one international Unit (IU) of Insulin is equivalent to 45.5 mg insulin" when, in FACT, there is only "0.03846 mg in one International Unit of Insulin."...

      ...that means that, unless that was a typo, Orascam has been doing studies usinga a pill containing over a THOUSAND TIMES -- 1183 times, to be exact -- as much insulin as it REALLY contained!...

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      • not again with your MG and IU, get a life? i know you will be despair after your job is done, telling people " keep away from this stock" or " to sell it. just for your info more institutional increase their stake like Morgen Stanley just bought some and others as well.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • You are wrong this pill works with low dose of insulin in each pill, the key is absorption, when it goes to liver it is very effective in mimic of pancreas, and gives better flow to body and blood stream for blood glucose levels, and the use of needles not needed if pill and slow absorption rates like a slow dissolving tablet that seeps slowly the insulin to bloodstream,they are so far ahead IN RESEARCH, AND THEIR PILKLS WILL BE THE FUTURE FOR ALL TYPES OD DISEASES, AND DIABETICS.

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