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  • theymisunderestimatedme theymisunderestimatedme Apr 11, 2011 9:24 PM Flag

    BH Energy Cash Flow Problems???

    I have seen this with company after company, over and over again, when they begin to treat their customers with resentment and total greed.

    Sears, JC Penneys, Westar Energy. All with showing cash flow problems after I noted their horrendous treatment of their client base.

    I maintain the BlackHills is having a cash flow problems and are presently pushing their customers to make up for it.

    I will be g-dam ed if I will help them cover bad money management.

    Right now, I am working hard to find a way to manage without use of natural gas. So far, only the hot water heating poses a problem. With passive solar in this house, I will manage quite well.

    But I will tackle this issue, ... without Black Hills' product.

    Kiss my poopoo, Black Hills. Or you are not providing me with your product.

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    • "So far, only the hot water heating poses a problem.'

      Urine is a viable replacement fluid. Enjoy your yellow showers ;-)

    • Yeppers. Cash Flow problems.

      I found out that this has happened to a lot of people it shouldn't have happened to. They cut off the gas when they didn't find people at home, when they were out working and so on. It was systemic. There are cash flow problems, IMHO.

      I waited two weeks before turning it back on, only because I am having guests come. I waited a lot longer than most.

      And now I am going to work like hades to get solar heated water into this home.

      I am convinced that there is cash problems with this company. I will not help them out. They lost money, and will continue to do so with us!! I will not turn the heat back on until the fall.

      We are living among a solar panel revolution, with major advancements in personal solar power capabilities happening almost weekly.

      I do not like energy companies, following the massively greedy antics of Enron and WesStar. I vow to learn to work around having natural gas in my home. I believe it can and will be done.

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