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  • robert_tully Oct 2, 2012 10:47 AM Flag

    Yes, Another Day the S&P is Up Again --Obama Rally In Force

    Two things that will annnoy tons of people will happen: The S&P will rally hard into year end and Obama will be re-elected by a WIDE margin. I love it. Haters will be stewing in their own hateful acidic juice. Stew haters stew. LOL.


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    • Sorry Tully, "Obama Rally" is a logical contradiction. Don't believe the third-rate media and their oversampled polls. The man in the magic underwear is going to beat the stuffing out of the goatherder from G*d knows where in a little over a month.

      I expect volatility until after the election, and then, and only then, will it move in one direction or another. If the goatherder is elected again then your low targets may be too high. . .

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      • robert_tully Oct 2, 2012 2:23 PM Flag

        First, why do you hate him so much? What did he do to you? Second, he will be RE-elected once again because Americans DO NOT side with haters who have amnesis with respect to who created this mess? We can go line by line on the budget dealing only with FACTS and NUMBERS and I promise you that BUSH and the REPS are wholly responsible for ALL of not MOST of the deficit problems we face. Yes, I forget the two wars we were defrauded into getting into by Sadam's "WMS" were free. That is, they did not cost a dime to fight.

        Please my friend do not argue facts with me because you WILL LOSE. Now, if we talk hate and fantasy land then maybe you will win. GLTY.


        Got to "Intrade" and put your money where your mouth is with respect to the election. Lastly, Wall Street LOVEs dems--clinton and obama market UP, but with both Bushes we get crashes. LOL

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