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  • robert_tully Oct 5, 2012 12:36 PM Flag

    Tully's Year End Predictions NOW! Ignore at your own monatary risk

    Prediction #1--Obama Wins

    Prediction #2--S&P Tops out at around 1569

    Prediction #3--VIX spikes down to around 9.50 before spiking higher.

    Prediction #4--when they SOLVE or Kick the can down the road on the Fiscal Cliff --meaning that they postponne or solve us going over, then that will be the catalyst for a BIG SELL OFF. YES, you hear me right when they give us the GOOD news that we are not going over the cliff then the real SMART money will SELL SELL SELL. Counterintuative? YES. BUT that is how the market works #$%$.


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    • #1 Could be, I learned long ago to never underestimate the power of stupid people, especially in large groups. . .

      #2 Will not happen, and certainly won't come close if your #1 prediction is true.

      #3 Probably

      #4 I think the solution, if reached, or lack thereof, will cause a plunge either way.

      See you at 800 Rookie.

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      • robert_tully Oct 5, 2012 1:43 PM Flag


        You seem to be intellectually challenged. Perhaps the hate keeps you blind. If Obama wins then this means that Uncle Ben will not be touched and instead will be courted/begged by Obama to stay for another term. If the cameleon wins, then you can conclude that Uncle Ben is out, and egro market plunges. If Romney wins you will get your S&P 800 and thensome.

        You will see this market rocket to 1569 before any sell off. Stop hating the rally. Know what. Change that. What am I saying. It is WEAK shorts like you that keep this rally going. When you give up, then I will get short. See you at 1569. I will post everyday this rally continues to see you stew in your own juice. Burn baby burn.


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