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  • uahjunk uahjunk Oct 5, 2012 1:08 PM Flag

    Tully's Year End Predictions NOW! Ignore at your own monatary risk

    #1 Could be, I learned long ago to never underestimate the power of stupid people, especially in large groups. . .

    #2 Will not happen, and certainly won't come close if your #1 prediction is true.

    #3 Probably

    #4 I think the solution, if reached, or lack thereof, will cause a plunge either way.

    See you at 800 Rookie.

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    • robert_tully Oct 5, 2012 1:43 PM Flag


      You seem to be intellectually challenged. Perhaps the hate keeps you blind. If Obama wins then this means that Uncle Ben will not be touched and instead will be courted/begged by Obama to stay for another term. If the cameleon wins, then you can conclude that Uncle Ben is out, and egro market plunges. If Romney wins you will get your S&P 800 and thensome.

      You will see this market rocket to 1569 before any sell off. Stop hating the rally. Know what. Change that. What am I saying. It is WEAK shorts like you that keep this rally going. When you give up, then I will get short. See you at 1569. I will post everyday this rally continues to see you stew in your own juice. Burn baby burn.


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      • My salary and/or investments are more than enough to prove I am not "intellectually challenged" . . .I won't be voting for either of the fools, so what is your point?

        We will get 800 regardless, neither Keynesian can fix this economy.

        And I am not hating the rally, I'm hedging my other positions and selling them into strength you fool! I plan on having most of those sold into higher highs (DFS for example) or when general market gives up I will sell the rest and go all-in on the short side, just like I did in 2007-2008 when most fools lost 40% or more and I had nothign but gains.

      • are subject to change, based on the "Tully whim". I think the expression used to be
        "on a wing and a prayer", lol Tully.

      • That just about the most naive and ludicrous thing I have ever heard anyone who claims to know a thing about finances say. Please tell me you are speaking tongue in cheek. Have you a high school diploma? Have you taken elementary economics? Bernanke is only able to repurchase bonds with printed money because GDP growth has been slow and thus no inflation. The minute some multiplier effect is seen Ben will then be responsible for controlling rising inflation.

        Keeping Ben on the job doesn't mean he will continue the past monetary policies and where you get that notion must be in some far away fantasy land. You are probably one of those who don't have trust in the economy and are hoping for government intervention.

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