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  • dvstro23 dvstro23 Feb 27, 2013 1:37 PM Flag

    Bought A Lot More Today at low $4s.

    Listen to the cc. I listened to it twice. The underlying tone was very bullish - breakeven by middle of this year and making money latter part of the year. That doesn't include the huge amount of backlog they arecurrently building up in utility solar. This quarter, the revenues and net income from utility solar was negligible. They will announce 400MW project in China which has huge margins - again listen to the cc. Utility solar will have gross margin in the double digits and net margin of high single digits. Today's action is a gift. At $300+ per quarter, that's $1.2 billion in revenues per year + huge amount of revenues coming from utility solar projects = huge profits starting in latter part of 2013. Not to mention close to $1 billion in cash. No brainer.

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    • I will be joining you shortly. This whole sell off is DUMB.

      Reminds me of the homebuilders. The calm before the storm. BUY when there is a STORM!

    • People, this fool bought a boatload above $5. "TSL are the cheapest.." but if they don't make a profit, what is the point? THis guy is something else and leading to people to a bottomless cliff.

      dvstro23 • Feb 23, 2013 12:46 PM Flag
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      Why I Sold SPWR and Loaded Up on TSL (Part 1)
      I’ve been a raging bull on SPWR the last couple months. When it skyrocketed, I sold all SPWR and bought TSL. I’ve loaded up on TSL and is my #1 position now.
      1. SPWR skyrocketed and TSL declined, so relatively speaking SPWR was much more expensive than TSL.
      2. TSL panels are not only the cheapest with high efficiency, but its innovative systems saves 67% in terms of installation cost and time. That is an upfront savings of thousands of dollars right off the bat.

    • No brainer that this will fall to 3-3.50 in a few days.

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