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  • unclespeaking unclespeaking Nov 16, 2013 8:01 PM Flag

    Street Facing Psychological Numbers

    Whether S&P 1,800, Dow Jokes16k or Nasdaq 4,000, they're just numbers. silly psychological numbers, butt they're already too much fo people to jerk off their brains for...
    Head & Shoulder? Yeah, just a brand of Shampoo for your hair, not for your deek.
    Uncle Chang will be off to China early tomorrow morning, what do you guys want me to check out?
    Yeah, you hear it Right, the Chinese are allowed to have more than one rotten kid now, which means they need to figure out how to feed more of them.

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    • Bear comes like a thief at night.
      Nobody knows.
      We only know after the fact.

      Bull comes with loud trumpet.
      Everybody knows.

      That said,, it is pretty straightforward for us to know given such a powerful variable called QE.
      I do not trade market. I trade BerDonky or QE which is synonymous.
      Now,, BerDonky is gone and replaced by bubblicious Yellen who does not see the bubble,, we are heading for DowDeek 20,000

      Two reason why Bear is still standing,, doing nothing but Picking his nose.
      First ,,there is QE
      Second,, everybody waits for the market collapse. When everybody except mom&pop retail suckers waits for the fall,, the fall doesn't come. It only comes like a thief at night when nobody is expecting.
      However,, there is a sign that mom&pop retail suckers are getting excited. And that is the usually the pivotal point. That is what Fed is worried about. They knows QE tapering will collapse the market bringing economy with it. That is why Fed is continuing QE ever so reluctantly.
      No inflation ???
      Yeh,, what a bullsheet. You go to market with $100 , you buy nothing nowadays. 10 years ago, you could feed your family for 2 days with $100.
      That is why Donky quit. Obama is determined to ruin the country by infinite QEs.
      The Bear will come. You can bet your deek on it. But market will go higher first and the fall will be equally high.

      ** Enough of farting. Me getting ready to cook fishes and sea snails and cockroaches(lobster) for blazing Saturn night drinking till death do me apart.
      Danm ,,fish soup smells like heaven. It is local fish I got from the other side of Anacapa Island.

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      • People either have short memories or are too young to remember what happened in early 2000s; this ain't no bear or bull market, it's a Pig market when all Pigs can fly. The picture of the same ole ping pig with 2 big wings is still so vivid in dreams, stalks in such good old days were thought too cheap when they were selling with PEG ratio of 4. This is 100% conspiracy not allowing dumbnake to have another term, there's really no Other tools in his box to use, it was totally BS!

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