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  • cantfigureitout4thelifeofme cantfigureitout4thelifeofme Jul 9, 2014 10:27 AM Flag

    Relax it's only a 20% plus loss in past 7 trading days

    p-islands Keep Pumping this it needs your help...

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    • cantfigure is a #$%$ i di ot

    • Relax, DLIA's is only up 20% from its last month lows. Give it up, the stock is basically flat over the past month and a half, and is one of the better/best performing small/micro cap retailing companies in its competitive space. Why is that??? And it has taken in additional capital and given new shares in return, and this is one of the better/best performing retailing stocks in its competitive space THIS YEAR TO DATE... I'd bet most investors in this stock are in for news coming in the next month to two months, not for anyone's day to day prognostications or meaningless tidbits like "relax, its only a 20% plus loss in past 7 days". Give it up. Trade and short all you like. Short it down all you can, and PLEASE hold that short till news at end of August.
      Any more enlightenment for this board today??? Anything meaningful??? Cheers.

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      • cantfigureitout4thelifeofme cantfigureitout4thelifeofme Jul 9, 2014 4:10 PM Flag

        I don't have to enlighten, it's called doing "dd" as a trader but here goes, Let's start with Given new shares, lol, that's called "Dilution" the share count has tripled, Next - Additional capital - that's to pay out those big bonuses without management yet proving there is a turn around - sounds like "Corporate America" and Big CEO bonuses to me - just like the Banks, Next - Lousy Financials - that speaks for itself, Next - Regardless of what news they put out in case you missed it - a "REVERSE SPLIT WILL HAPPEN WITHIN A YEAR" that's from DLIA themselves - again you would have to do "dd" which obviously you don't so you must trade blindly, Also watch it close "Red" tomorrow, see you below the year low, Keep Up the Pumping...

        Sentiment: Strong Sell