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  • cantfigureitout4thelifeofme cantfigureitout4thelifeofme Jul 19, 2014 2:07 PM Flag

    Agreed, buyers are pouring in, even if it is to short it, Here is what lies

    ahead and what you can look forward to with Delia's A guaranteed reverse split within a year - per Delia's pr, Delia has now "Tripled" their share count which was sitting at .63 cents when they announced this so that next "tank" has yet to happen, it's also called "Dilution", not to mention giving out "Huge" bonuses without any concrete evidence in financials of a turnaround besides a stated reverse split and dilution by their board, sounds like great management - reminds me of the banks CEO's and Corporate America on Wallstreet and let's not forget 2008, also the stock price has been in a "Downtrend" and has been run in the ground since December of 2006 - Go Look at the Chart, not to mention they're are in the Worst possible sector - Retail - in a down economy or recession - with better things to come I'm sure, not to mention we are closing in on earnings season and the "Famous Tax-Sell Off" or year end clearance sale that will be happening especially in this sector, not to mention nearly every major financial analyst is now predicting a major pullback or tank in the market by year's end - with all that said that definitely sounds like a great recipe for a stock or company i'd like to invest in - well maybe a recipe for disaster that is...

    Sentiment: Strong Sell