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  • itsallaboutgrowth itsallaboutgrowth Feb 15, 2012 11:28 AM Flag

    Super WiFi will destroy this company

    Nice hyped-up article that virtually ignores reality. Super WiFi will certainly have its place, for the poor, tired, huddled masses, just like over-the-air TV. And, history shows that even the poor masses will splurge their last borrowed nickel for premium internet access (and cable TV). Why? Almost everyone is willing to pay for home entertainment that is both enjoyable and dependable.

    The "up to" 22 Mbps Super WiFi bandwidth is just that, a maximum bandwidth under ideal (i.e. uncommon) conditions. Everyone knows that wifi is inherently prone to network contention, and also interference issues over longer distances, especially in populated areas.

    The back-end internet is wired. Wireless is merely a front-end access to it. Boingo-supported local wireless access to the wired internet is only shared by the people near you, so network contention is consistently low, which supports consistently fast speed. Whereas Super WiFi wireless access to the wired internet will be shared by a HUGE multiple of that, plus much more interference over a wider distance. Good luck with getting consistently low network contention and fast speed. Work real hard to not get too frustrated, okay?

    Super Wifi is just an additional piece of the wireless puzzle, that will prove to address a very minor problem, for a relatively small segment of the population who can't afford or won't buy $25/mo internet service. The problem will probably completely out-dated by the time Super WiFi readily available. Years from now, when Super Wifi might be readily available with all of its 22 Mbps of less-than-reliable bandwidth, most businesses and consumers will have already been spoiled by their ultra-reliable $25/mo 50 Mbs downloads through their phone or cable TV providers, along with free, ultra-reliable, fast Boingo-supported 50Mbps downloads everywhere else they eat, shop, and socialize.

    Sorry Super WiFi. You'll be too late to the party, and your outfit will look a little dated.

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