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  • purpleyguy purpleyguy Mar 31, 2013 3:01 PM Flag

    I heard AUGUST for Samsung - Cntf lawsuit (and CNTF suing for $400 mil)

    Anyone have any better info?

    I am hearing August is when the lawsuit will hit the Chinese Courts, and I read where Samsung is considered by Chinese lawyers to be a big underdog.

    I got this one a Chinese website in Chinese language somI may have lost something in the translation.

    If anyone has any better information, I am all ears. This lawsuit is being kept really quiet, so it is very difficult to find any info on it. I had to work hard to find this little tidbit.

    My guess - and this is only my own personal guess (not based on any facts or published opinions) - is that Samsung settles for half the amount of the lawsuit. Here is why:

    (my opinion only)

    1) Samsung (South Korean company) is being sued and tried in a Chinese Court. Samsung will attempt to defeat a Chinese Company on the Chinese company's home turf, which seems very unlikely to me in light of Chinese Courts past decisions that always favor Chinese companies. Chinese courts are not fair and they are heavily biased in favor of Chinese entities over foreign entities.

    2) China and South Korea have never had good relations and China strongly dislikes South Korea. I don't see how any Chinese judge could survive in his job if he made a decision against a Chinese company, in favor of a South Korea company. The Chinese govt would eventually remove him.

    3) if Samsung decided to continue the lawsuit to its conclusion (and they lost) Cntf could demand that all Samsung products be removed from China, which is estimated to cost Samsung $500 million dollars to accomplish. Trying to round up all Samsung products (phones) all over a country as big and remote as many China cities and villages are, would be a logistical nightmare for Samsung and would cost more than the lawsuit.

    4) If Samsung continued the lawsuit to its conclusion (and lost) Samsung would effectively be shut out of potentially the largest future cellphone market in the world, which would be a huge risk to take.

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