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  • quantum_analyst quantum_analyst Jun 18, 2013 12:12 PM Flag

    Why is it so positive that Musk will hold 30% of the company and the other officers around 5% in total?

    Any other company which was closely held by a few self interested parties who are both officers and CEO's and Chairmen of the Board would indicate that the retail shareholder was at the mercy of those few individuals who would act in their own best interest not necessarily in the interests of the smaller shareholders.

    They vote for whom and for what they want and the company can basically pay whomever whatever, grant options to whomever for whatever strike price and vesting date.

    In fact this must be disclosed on the 10-Q-K as a risk factor not a benefit.

    A cult of personality does not make a good investment and solar power is not a technological break through as is SpaceX and Tesla. both of which have unique technology and patents.

    Think what you will talking about a stock's potential price without considering the most important aspect which is management and transparency is just kind of missing some key points.

    If you are liking this stock then why not comment on these factors please.


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    • Quantum,

      I have found there are two kinds of SunBug long Investors: Those that have no idea about anything but anything with "Sun" in it just buy and "feel" better about themselves OR the real #$%$-the uber wealthy Libs who know it is an abaolute boondoggle but have access to the public trough directly and are making a fortune of taxpayers subsidies. I.e Musk, buffett, Gore etc. -all Dems.
      Left to any sense of a free market all of these solar companies would still be private and or part of a larger public company getti ng money the traditional way. It is my absolute belife that these panels etc will all fail miserably over time......why......because they were not born of demand and private money meeting and developing a product that was the next best option. Rather, it was a creation of an politcal belief based in lies. This product was rushed to the mark this post. Solar panels , equipment will degregate at a rate at least 2 times more then anticipated. And since all of all of the spin is over how much you save over time vs, the 40% higher costs will blow up

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      • Quite likely.

        It appears risky to commit to a 20 year contract when the company selling it to you is so young and unproven and more importantly they are selling the leases in tranches just like junk mortgages were sold so you are NOT getting a 20 year guarantee from SCTy - you are just buying a solar system with only estimated savings just like you would rental furniture.

        I think I am the only one here who has actually seen their presentation and language and terms and then have been given an offering of their specific contract terms which show that you are not proven to save one penny. The ESTIMATE your savings based upon the increase in electricity costs over the past 4 years. In my case the annual savings for the first 5 years goes from $100/year to $525/year. That is not much when you are committing to a 20 year deal.

        Their business model is not sound and only financial engineering with Goldman - Taibi called Goldman the Octopus gripping the heart of American economics - only Goldman is making money right now.

        If you sign a lease with them that allows their 3%+ annual increase in monthly payments you really have an adjustable rate mortgage on a product that quickly depreciates and which is the cheapest solar panel alternative on the market today and the key point is - you can not swap your system for a better one.

        At least a car lease is only 3-5 years and you can trade it in for another one and get a brand new car.

        You can even get a 15 year montage for a brand new home!

        Imagine being stuck with ANY technology for 20 years.

        Given Moore's law the efficiency of solar panels will double every 4 years.

        For every year you wait you save more by waiting for a more cost effective system, at least for 5 years which is what it takes before your estimated savings is over $500 a year.

        Elon Musk has created 2 extremely amazing and future oriented companies.

        He is simply helping his COUSINS with SCTY so that he can get electricity filling stations for Tesla.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • I didn't bother to read dumb post. Don't try to figure out any and stupid post like one you mentioned won't help short any at this point, just stay long (as you said if you are, I am very doubt though, you must shorted on the way down around 34 or even lower).

    • If you don't like the stock, then why are you here? Who cares about your opinion?

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