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  • quantum_analyst quantum_analyst Jun 18, 2013 3:28 PM Flag

    Technicals do matter and right now the stock is well below its 20 day MA

    Period Moving Average Price Change Percent Change Average Volume
    5-Day 35.48 +2.38 +6.89% 2,862,032
    20-Day 40.58 -14.74 -28.58% 3,211,618
    50-Day 32.01 +17.89 +94.28% 2,298,215
    100-Day 24.68 +20.84 +130.20% 1,458,364
    200-Day The stock has not even traded for 200 days !!!!
    Year to Date 23.33

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Heading to 10 on Friday. Can't break 14 on the upside and no momentum players left.

    • quantum_analyst basher want the price lower so he can buy in. This fool been bashin on SCTY since it was $34. You better get in now its not going to get any cheaper. Dumb #$%$ basher!!@

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I Am shocked at how its Holding support at 34-35. Thought it would be in 20s ....have to wait for option expiration for the leg Down.

    • TSLA is a better play than scty

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      • alexkebfb Jul 3, 2013 6:49 PM Flag

        No it is not a better play, Solar City doesn't have much shares to go around, which means any big buyer can move this stock up at anytime.

        Stupid 20 day SMA doesn't matter on this stock with such a low available float when 90% of the stock is already owned by MFs, institutions and insiders.

        Tesla on the other hand has lots of shares to go around which means more chance of accumulating short interest.

      • I agree - it has a technological advantage - intellectual property licensed to larger companies - a secondary product line of components - and a huge cost of entry - add the tech advances interchangeable with SpaceX and you have magic value creation.

        Tesla has a product that has a guaranteed trade in value.

        Compare that to putting current lowest price solar panels on your rook for a price3 that is high enough to give Goldman a profit on their loan to Solar City which you pay them for 20 years

        And you have 0 trade in value after 20 years.

        SCTy has 0 cost of entry - there are at least 12 companies doing it now with their main competitors, large public utilities - getting ready to compete with their EXISTING customer base while not making them sign a 20 year lease. If the utility makes a profit it will go into the rate making decision which will keep everyone's cost down and as a byproduct lower the price savings any SCTY customer planned on getting.

        Yes, TSLA is a better stock, better business model, beter long term investment - period.

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