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  • adam.khashan adam.khashan Jul 15, 2013 5:16 PM Flag

    FSLR...closed over $50...SCTY won't be far behind...

    Slowly but surely...$50 is coming...then $60...All the solar companies are hitting new highs...and we will...The question is when...I say this week...Buy all solar companies(just about)...this is the solar season. i know there were some raised eye brows when I said csiq...look at it today...and closed at the top...
    mark my words...soon, scty will open over $50.
    :- )
    all longs are smiling....

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    • Keep buying...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Might want to keep in mind FSLR was well over 200 a share in their infancy. I'm not a fan of solar to say the least but did recently buy the stock in the mid 40's and sold out today. Far as solar city.. there isn't even any comparison. FSLR has a ton of patents and currently bringing in $4 a share in earnings where SCTY is a pee on with nothing but a history of losses like the majority of the sector. Seriously a mkt cap of 3 1/2 billion dollars and nothing to speak of for profits.. except the insiders who have sold to you of course.

      Short as of today and would get aggressive on a push to 50. Remember LDK and ESLR in the 30's? This is the same deal. Come public, run em up and crash and burn. Nice trade on CSIQ if you owned it lower. JKS a similar move today but these are trading vehicles and not L/T investments imho.

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      • If your story is true(which I doubt) will be kicking yourself in the opn 8/01 when fslr announces the q-report. not just that but all solar companies will rocket after fslr report.

      • Actually,they were $300+...that is what happens with new takes time for people to see the light...look at amzn...nflx asre right..can't compare fslr and will be comparing apples and oranges...but you already know this shorty.
        .you will regret you decision to sell (if indeed you did) after fslr broke the $50 barrier...
        Good luck to your own DD.

      • owcsss Jul 15, 2013 6:01 PM Flag

        Oh, wow. You actually think longs want SolarCity to turn a profit asap. And you are short because they are not turning a profit. You sir, are the reason why I will always stay long this stock. You are so makes me happy knowing people actually put money into something they don't understand. When they lose even more at earnings and this flies, please, don't cry. You are comparing this stock to other solar stocks...amazing. Please, for the love of god, short more ASAP.

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