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  • actionate12 actionate12 Apr 22, 2014 1:51 PM Flag

    Looks like the 100DMA will contain the NAsdaq and top this market out right here

    Contrary to the delusional longs on almost all the threads I read.

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    • no it won't! as i've written a couple of times in the past 2 weeks: there is a big head/ shoulders pattern on the nasdaq (and the spx)- the left shoulder and right side of the head have been completed and right now the right shoulder is being done. the right shoulder top should be around 4200 area (the left shoulder top was at 4246- and the 2 shoulders should match in height- within a few points)- the 50 day ma is at 4224 as of today and the nasdaq is not at all yet overbought! it should get to that 4200 area within the first few days of may and then roll over to do the right side down of the right shoulder and go to the neckline - at around 4000 to 3900. then it should break the neckline and go to the target price of the pattern - around 3400 to 3500- all to be accomplished by october. i've written that a few times now and it is currently still playing out as such! hence, the nasdaq should have more room to run before it rolls over- and that should be up to the 50 day ma price which is that 4200 level! so, no, i do not believe that the 100 day will act as resistance for anything more than a day or 2 before the nas continues up until it gets to overbought again on the chart. we'll see i guess.

    • I call the top in the market within weeks, perhaps days. lets see if I am right here

    • Agree with you action ... I see it as the 100dma is resistance on a short term NASDAQ W-bottom. The second V will contain a considerable leg down. This was a dead cat bounce.

    • get Lost DUDE!

    • 160% gain YTD seems right with these numbers for longs here, nothing but a mafia ran legal casino - numbers don't matter in this one, we'll see how long this will last this time -

      EPS Trends Current Qtr.
      Mar 14 Next Qtr.
      Jun 14 Current Year
      Dec 14 Next Year
      Dec 15
      Current Estimate -0.74 -0.64 -2.67 -2.20
      7 Days Ago -0.74 -0.64 -2.67 -2.20
      30 Days Ago -0.75 -0.65 -2.71 -2.31
      60 Days Ago -0.49 -0.40 -1.68 -0.87
      90 Days Ago -0.48 -0.40 -1.64 -0.90

    • Looks like you will be proven correct for today

26.88-0.48(-1.75%)Jul 28 4:00 PMEDT