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  • finplan95 finplan95 Aug 14, 2014 12:59 PM Flag

    Behold the Power of The Option Boys!!!!!!!

    SCTY just got some of the worst news possible for a stock trading at 40 times sales and losing 1 million a day-2-seperate companies say they will lose market share and financing leverage.......and somehow the stock does not stay below 70. I have said it for twenty years-there is no more corrupt part of trading then what the Big Boys do with Options...We should of taken out 64 today on that news but not with the Option Ex tomorrow.

    "Thou Shalt Not Cause The Option boys to Lose Money and thou shalt not commit the sin of selling below or above the max amount of income . If thy doeth thou shalt render yourself dismissed from The Table of Knowledge"

    So Sayth the Option Boys. So it Shall Be Done!!!

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    • yes- you are absolutely correct!! and i've been writing about this very thing since last year on these boards re how the options are played by the big boys- and how the stock price then goes to where the options guys are playing the strike prices ;)

      good to see another person on these boards knowing about this stuff too! in fact, there are quite a few ppl now (writing on these boards) who know and understand this stuff re the options and the big boys' games ;)

      thanks for posting about this :)

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