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  • fb412 fb412 Sep 3, 2010 12:09 PM Flag

    1 idiot

    How can 1 idiots post cost us money. Lets see someone that has just started investing or has lost money when the markets dropped is looking for an inexpensive stock to buy they see LEI and do some DD and find little to no debt, unheard of with small oil stocks. Wow only 13 million shares also very unusual for a small oil stock. Then look at the JV with THE LARGEST PRIVATE OIL FIRM IN THE COUNTRY.

    They decide to buy say at 2 it has been to 3 in the past few months and nothing has changed for the worst sounds like a good buy. The price is falling , but still no bad news more oil is pumping the JV is running behind, but still a go with more deals to follow. Ok time to relax and things will be fine.
    I think I will go to the message board at yahoo. Who is this Haynes guy wow he is saying all the new wells are dry. A frantic search starts man I can’t find anything online about the wells going dry what’s this LEI executives under investigation. Even though I can’t find this info it must be true because the stock price is dropping I better sell now before I lose more then someone else sells and down we go.

    Haynes you asked and i have now given you an answer.

    This is how 1 idiot’s posts can cost us all money. Any questions

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    • I for one, appreciated Hayne's posts. I wish he posted earlier and I would have saved a lot of money.

      I had a ton of LEI, watched it take off like a rocket, road it down, lost money, and started thinking something wasn't right.

      I started reading posts about management moving into penthouse suites. Others raised questions about SGA expenses going up. Haynes brought up issues of self dealing of leases by management for their financial gain at the expense of shareholders. Is it true that BOD has potential conflict of interests with another oil company?.

      I got out of LEI, took my loss, would like to get back in but won't until I am assured that management is looking out for the shareholders best interests and not greasing their own pockets at shareholders expense.

      Can anyone refute the negative claims from Haynes and others about LEI board and management swirling around this board. Has anyone called IR (if they have one)

      Calling Haynes names won't do it for me.

      • 2 Replies to ebeads2003
      • i actually think it's a "personal" think with haynes and mgt just by reading his posts

        also to bash EOG is rather silly and he loses much credo with his rants and ravs

        so the stock pulled back, did you really need haynes for you to sell some on the rise to over 3.30, anybody could have seen as much pumping as dfw tracker and others were pom poming it was prudent to sell a little on the way up even if it went higher

        oh well

        when greed is held, then you all want to sell at the "top"
        and buy and the "bottom"

        if rarely happens that way, unless of course you are goldie the pizza delivery person//

      • Before refuting negative comments he should present the evidence.
        After all he started bashing and officially became the resident basher.
        Sorry for your loss. I am also loosing some money but will remain here, I may buying some more to average down

    • No questions, just a comment. By continually responding to this guy and starting new threads about him you are perpetuating the problem (assuming you are not the same person). If there are long threads with responses, it looks like something is real. If it's just this asstard posting uncited BS without response then it looks like what it is--a nut posting because he's got some vendetta. Plus people like this thrive on conflict. Ignore and he will likely go away, but even if not he'll quickly expose what he is when there's post after post without response. TC

    • i am running out for a bite. You have a couple of hours to copy some things out of your self help books to post about me. Who knows maybe you can even come up with something on you own I doubt it though. Idiot

    • you wanted to keep calling me out old man so now you have got my full attention. I have ran construction sites since i was in my 20s. I have played this game with smarted and alot badder people then you. Idiot

    • Blame game dude. There is therapy for it.

      # Don't blame others for your mistakes. The temptation is huge to point the finger elsewhere when you make a mistake. Resist it. Not only will you gain respect and loyalty from your followers, you'll also help to prevent a culture of blame from emerging.
      # When you do blame, do so constructively. There are times when people's mistakes really do need to be surfaced in public. In these cases, make sure to highlight that the goal is to learn from mistakes, not to publicly humiliate those who make them.
      # Set an example by confidently taking ownership for failures. Our findings showed that blame was contagious, but not among those who felt psychologically secure. So try to foster a chronic sense of inner security in order to reduce the chances that you'll lash out at others.
      # Always focus on learning. Creating a culture where learning — rather than avoiding mistakes — is the top priority will help to ensure that people feel free talk about and learn from their errors.
      # Reward people for making mistakes. Some companies are actually starting to incentivize employees to make mistakes, so long as the mistakes can teach valuable lessons that lead to future innovation.

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