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  • SirTom99 SirTom99 Feb 29, 2000 2:57 PM Flag

    Go, Go, Go


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    • Awake. Seems to me there is a lotta hype by mgmt
      to get the stock price up. What's the deal with
      earnings announcement? How come this little company can't
      publish an audited financial statement in less than 60
      days. It gives me an idea that the management doesn't
      have a clue how to run a business, but from reading
      the postings below, that was a foregone conclusion.
      Sounds like there are a lot of unhappy campers, with
      perhaps good reason to be.
      SO Allstar Management, do
      any of you have what it takes to tell the world when
      you will announce or is it a secret that only you and
      your auditors know for sure??

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      • Check the Yahoo! earnings calendar...Earnings
        will be out the week of March 13th. Don't sit there
        and criticize the company when you're too incompetent
        to do a little DD. Did you ever think that since the
        financial statement are not due out until the 31st, that it
        is possible that the company may be waiting to close
        a big deal, etc.? You chastise management for your
        own impatience...seems to me that you should just go
        to Vegas and put all your money on would
        be over in a heartbeat!

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