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  • cnfinvestor cnfinvestor Nov 13, 2007 10:25 PM Flag

    RE: Unions

    That post was not too smart. If I was a union trucker, why would I care if my president was a bad guy or a good guy. As long as he gets me good pay, benefits, working conditions, job security and pension, who cares what he does or how he spends my dues. Thats the problem on this one knows what a union is all about!

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    • Unions as a whole get bad rep and it's well deserved. Truckers unions are good and necessary because it's basically skilled labor.. but laborer's unions are set up to pay idiots $23.50 an hour to stand around with a shovel, and they're glad to get fired because they'll just go to another job and make $23.50 an hour. Need a vacation? Just ask to be "laid off", then sign back up in 2 weeks. This isn't fiction, this is what goes on every day at power plants (read, ppl)and construction sites. Now... Teamsters union... ok .. but it's hard to seperate between the two.

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