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  • topcat75201 topcat75201 Dec 16, 2007 10:16 AM Flag

    The Company Christmas Party Yields Some Interesting Information


    Apparently, there once was a family owned company in Overland Park KS that headquartered in a palace-like setting. Bubbling fountains outside the building and expensive paintings lined the hallways of this family business. Perhaps the family lost focus on their business, or it evolved into something far more complicated...Yellow was a struggling brand in dire straits.

    Someone was brought in (do not know the name) as a consultant of sorts to turn the company around. Many of the paintings and excess were sold off, and the company began a turn-around. A business plan was developed by the consultant and Dick Zollars was brought in to execute the game plan...thus Roadway and Yellow becoming one entity...the stock price surged and Zollars was a hero.

    To the facts...

    When Roadway starting cutting off the faucets, the company began its downward spiral. The top six sales reps at Yellow are now gone...Zollars paid too much for the USF companies. Increased competition flooded the market. The company became clumsy, akward and ineffecient.

    Where are we today? All of this comes from a completely reliable source...someone who was there in the recent hey-day but left because of the current situation.

    Dick Zollars is a Wall Street guy who knows nothing about the trucking game. Mike Smid runs the company. Lovetro, a former higher-up at DHL is now a major part of YRCW. We have an agreement with the Union which will be signed in January...and then in my humble opinion, this company is acquired by DHL. Yellow always wanted to be a UPS or a Fed-Ex...they couldn't do it, but when DHL acquires the company in 2008, part of this dream will transpire.

    The stock is cheap...I will add if it drops another couple of points.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Stop kissing each others asses and get to the heart of the matter. Operations has taken over-what is your concerted take on all of that?

    • S.eranger,

      Do you own your own logistics firm, or are you working/selling for an airfreight forwarder? After 20+ years at CF...working all the way up to the last day...I realized too that an integrated carrier would have trouble competing with a broker in the special services arena. I now work on my own and have run up against the likes of Transfreight. What exactly are you doing at this time?

    • s.eranger Dec 26, 2007 7:22 PM Flag

      I'm trying to follow these email this post directed at me? If so, I don't work for transfreight. Sure, the company makes good money on the knowledge I possess but so do I. I don't think an integrated carrier is the answer...not at all. Execution is the answer and leaving nothing to chance, even if this means working 18 hours a day. It is not an easy death, is it? Do I know you? Venturing out of my comfort zone? Hmmmm...there is no comfort zone...not in the jungle.

    • poetry in motion

    • You sound to me like someone from TransFreight. You're still disgruntled that you must report everyday into a non-integrated entity that makes good money on the knowledge you possess. I'd say that you should get out of your comfort zone and do something on your own. You may know enough to make a good living, but the inadequacy of your p.p. prevents you from doing so. I'm in your boat LttleDck, but I don't work for anyone except my clients.

    • s.eranger Dec 22, 2007 8:51 PM Flag

      No don't have to offer me respect, just be polite.

      By the way, I owned my own company for twenty years and was acquired in 2005 by another company.

    • s.eranger Dec 22, 2007 8:50 PM Flag

      I'm not stroking my are sad. If you don't like or agree with my problem.

      Don't start lecturing me about whether or not I'm successful because you have no clue.

      You sound like a bitter guy who has lost his rear on this stock.

      No way I'm giving out personal info on this website.

      Still, you have not answered my initial question.

      What do you do that makes you an expert?

      I never claimed to be an expert,(Even though I can sell you under the table) only to have an understanding of the industry.

      Next question?

    • You are right and I am sorry for not bestowing the respect you so deserve.

      A little about me, I work for YFSY and I am a 50K lonely dispatcher.....

    • I have no reason to stroke my ego as you......if you are so knowledgeable and a great transportation mind, why do you work for someone else?

      Tell us big guy, who are you a Director of National Sales for?

      And since it appears your source is a co-workers wife who is the top sale rep for YFSY, what is her name? I want to verify it.

    • s.eranger Dec 22, 2007 7:17 PM Flag

      My point is I don't care what you think is "big."

      You haven't stated what you do? You must work for some big clumsy transportation company, banging around a 100K a year, coming to work in a suit and tie, going nowhere.

      Or perhaps you are a logistics manager?

      Either way, I wasn't looking for an argument but apparently you are.

      I can run circles around you in terms of servicing me, you know nothing about me. So while I spew drivel about YRCW, what do you bring to the table besides a very surly attitude, which I'm starting to find amusing?

      Tell us what you do...I'm very curious.

      C'mon big-shot.

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