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  • hauler1985 hauler1985 Dec 21, 2007 5:24 PM Flag

    Sunk In?

    Are you blind pumpers getting it yet?

    Ok, we heard the only thing that was impacting this was the Teamsters contract negotiations. Well, we have a tentative agreement and guess what? Same direction.

    Dow up over 200 points today. Main LTL Union competitor up 2.5 % today (they still don't have a tentative agreement, by the way), and the same direction for YRCW.

    Massive volume... not enough upward pressure to keep from falling. Obviously someone gets it.

    Aging fleet. Faltering regional business, 1.5% profit margin with 1.5 billion in debt, reduction in S&P rating (highest rating in junk category, by the way), a BOD obviously lost in trucking, and on and on.

    Folks, this ship is not meandering at sea, she is already taking on water. You can be as blind as you want... I watched the same sad, clueless cheer leading for CF in the months before they went under.

    Said it in many posts for quite a while now and it bears repeating...

    Not a matter of 'IF' here guys... just a matter of 'WHEN.'

    Hold the bag or take a hard swallow and walk away.

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    • DOW up 200 points thats great...but what your saying don't make any sense...YRCW is listed on the NASDAQ and it was down! and if your watching very close,all the LTL company's are down. peace,happy new year!

    • s.eranger Dec 22, 2007 11:03 AM Flag

      Well, you seem to have your mind made up regarding the demise of this company. You could be right, and you could be wrong. Personally, I want to see the numbers for this quarter...I don't expect them to be good, but I believe they are priced in as long as they don't post a loss.

      There is massive re-structuring going on over there. They made a committment to cut costs by a certain amount and this will happen. Once the contract is finalized, the stock should bounce a little as well.

      None of the transportation stocks are doing well right now. If one invests, they can't have all winners. Am I ready to throw the towel in on this stock..not quite yet.

      They have their work cut out for them, no doubt.

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      • You are either brainwashed or paid to pump this stock for Zollars. How do you think he is going to get the cost savings without shutting down Rdwy and folding that operation in as one (so much for his multiple brand theory) he always talked about.

        Right now Zollars is cutting high level execs from the payroll. Then what, sales force? Rumor has it he is going to mirror FedEx's sales model.

        Did you notice Yellow last week YFSY will no longer provide automatic refunds for services failures with their Exact Express now have to file a claim. Why is this, because YFSY is having more failures or another ingenious idea to get YRCW closure to his $100 mil savings?

        If the BoD of YRCW had any balls they would sh$t can this fraud!!!

    • hope for a buy out im sure it will happen

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