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  • s.eranger Dec 23, 2007 9:57 AM Flag

    Sticking To The Facts...

    After my exchange with kutabovetherest, I'm trying to figure out how to stay on this board without getting individuals extremely upset.

    First of all, I have tried with my posts to add information relative to YRCW's situation...I'm not working for the company, but I am in the industry. While our business model is nothing like that of YRCW, I do understand the industry...perhaps not what YRCW faces, but I do own the stock and am trying to keep a positive attitude about the future of a company which has been mismanaged of late.

    It is difficult to know who owns the stock on here, or who is simply hanging out to waste time. I understand jobs are at stake, and this is a touchy subject.

    Remember folks, often the financials of a company are not the deciding factor of whether or not it goes up or down. There are a myriad of stocks out there who haven't made a penny who's stock is going through the roof. The markets are ruled by emotion more than fact..

    I'm not here to be right or wrong. I'm not here to make statements like CH Robinson craps out turds bigger than my companies revenue for a year. Anyone who believes the size of a company in logistics determines quality of service is sadly mistaken...CH Robinson is an excellent company with quality people. Emery airfreight went down the tubes. There are many other large logistics companies which are struggling today...because of attitudes such as "bigger is better," without the flexibility to service a client's changing needs.

    Facts, not fiction.

    That's all.

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    • Absolutley correct. YRC will survive because of several factors. There are way too many "non-labor" people with a stake in this company. By non-labor I mean people that do not get thier hands dirty. The Teamsters would suffer to perhaps a level that would leave them ruined. The second tier executives would take a tremendous hit with no parachute. WAIT UNTIL JANUARY 13 2008. That is the day the Union will reveal the contents of this new contract. They have kept it secret until then to protect themselves from TDU attacks.THIS CONTRACT WILL PASS. FIRST VOTE!

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